What’s in my changing bag?

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only toddler mum still hauling around such a massive bag! Is it just me?  The Essentials: Nappies/nappy bags Changing mat Wipes Hand sanitiser (Apparently I need two) Bum cream  Change of clothes Snacks & water. I always have raisins and some sort of biscuits in there.  I add other … Continue reading What’s in my changing bag?

Easy and Adorable Storage Jars

These are one of my favourite "crafts". They are cheap, super easy to do and really useful.  As you can see I'm addicted. I use them to store all my craft bits and bobs.  As well as tea, batteries and spare change... You will need: Cleans jars (any size will do) Super glue Spray paint … Continue reading Easy and Adorable Storage Jars