Why I deleted my blog

Or more accurately why I decided to delete my previous posts and start again…

I haven’t posted in my blog for over a year. I told myself this was because I was too busy working full time (I was) or because I didn’t have anything to say (I still don’t) but that’s not the whole truth. I realised this morning that the reason I hadn’t updated my blog was because I didn’t like it.

It just wasn’t me.

I started my blog shortly after Tiny was born.  I’d been reading a lot of blogs and I thought I needed to share my birth story. It seemed like everybody shared their birth story. I really didn’t.

It was probably therapeutic to get it all out. It also allowed me to reflect on aspects of the whole process that bothered me. Howver, I realise now that that’s not what I want my blog to be.

I’m not an oversharer (I might be a SAHM for now but I’m a teacher at heart & I value my anonymity). I’m not really interested in the breast versus bottle debate so don’t expect any of that either. For the record I’m also pro fish fingers.

So here, in no particular order and subject to change, are the type of things I’d like to write about:

1. Lists of stuff

2. Crafty things

3. Saving the world one reusable nappy at a time.

4. More craft.

5. Bring a SAHM after a year back at work full time.

6. Relocating to Devon and being Billy no mates.

7. Saving the world one reusable wipe at a time.

8. Zombies

9. Mum dating.

10. Zombie crafts


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