Review: Tots Bots Cloth Nappies

We decided to go cloth quite early on in my pregnancy as we wanted to do a little bit towards saving the environment. Cloth nappies can be up to 40% better for the environment than disposable nappies depending on how you use them.

The reason we went with Tots Bots was because we happened upon their stall at a baby show at Kensington Olympia. We loved the gorgeous, colourful fabrics and they had a deal on the Birth to Potty kit which usually costs £299.

Reasons why I love Tots Bots:

1. As you can see the fabrics are lovely and there’s a huge range.  Most of them are gender neutral too. As Tiny is getting older she’s now deciding which pattern she’d like to wear. They look much cuter under dresses and skirts than disposables.

2. They are so easy to use. No, really. My husband was much more pro cloth bums than me initially. I was worried they would be a bit of a faff. They aren’t. We use the Tots Bots Easy Fit and they are very straightforward.

They are a one-piece nappy very like a disposable. They have a waterproof exterior (the purty bit) and a soft, absorbent core inside. There is no need for a separate waterproof cover and you don’t have to do much assembly before you put it on.

You just tuck in the absorbent core (you can add another layer when baby needs more absorbency), add a fleece liner or a disposable one and you’re good to go.

Liners help to make disposing of the poop easier. Disposable liners can be flushed or composted. If you use a fleece liner, drop the poop down the toilet and pop the liner in your nappy bucket for washing with the nappies. This is all trickier when it’s not a very solid poop which is why we use the disposable as well as a fleece liner as it helps to stop the fleece liner getting gross.

3. They don’t leak…much. Reusable nappies are not as absorbent as disposables as they’re not filled with chemicals and magic. You have to be much more on the ball with regular changes, especially if you have a big drinker. I change Tiny’s every couple of hours.

Full disclosure: we didn’t cloth bum at night or when we were out and about, but this is definitely something I want to be better with next time. If you decide to there are special night time Tots Bots nappies. The birth to potty kit also comes with a wet bag for when you’re out and about. 

4. They work from birth to potty training! Although we didn’t start Tiny until she was about 7 weeks old as we were getting used to the whole parenting business and we just felt her butt was a bit tiny. We didn’t have any of the Teeny Fit Star which look much better for small butts. 

5. They wash really well. Ours were used for over 2 years and they still look great.  We’ve had very little staining.  They can be washed at 30 degrees using any non bio washing powder. The Tots Bots Potion is excellent but we found it easier (and cheaper) to use a more easily accessible regular non bio powder. 

6. You can tumble dry them! Some cloth nappies can’t be tumble dried but Tots Bots can on a cooler setting. Obviously this isn’t great for the environment so we try to line dry them in good weather (the sun is also good for any stains) and just give them a quick go in the dryer before air drying them over winter. 


If you have any questions just ask!


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