Review: Cheeky Wipes

If I had to pick only one product to recommend to prospective parents (or current parents) it would be Cheeky Wipes.

We stumbled across these at a baby show at Kensington Olympia and were immediately sold on the idea because disposable wipes are horrible for the environment and we wanted to try to limit our use of them. You can read more about the problems caused by disposable wipes at Tree Hugger.

A Short Summary of Everything that’s wrong with disposable wipes might include:

  • Most types are not biodegradable
  • Like plastic they often end up in the ocean and are eaten by sea creatures who can’t digest them
  • Even the ones that claim to be flushable often aren’t and cause monstrous blockages in the sewers
  • Some wipes contain preservatives and fragrances that aren’t  great for our skin. You can read more about the hidden hazards of wipes in general here.
  • They’re expensive (especially Water Wipes which people claim you need for newborns…)

*Of course we still use them.  I wish I could say that we were 100% reusable but I’d be lying. It’s definitely something I want to work towards though.

Cheeky Wipes are brilliant because:

  • They’re easy to use and come complete with a straightforward failsafe system -including a mesh bag for the poopy wipes so you don’t have to handle them when you’re doing the wash
  • They can be washed with your reusable nappies or with your normal laundry as they’re pre-soaked. I normally wash them alone for a 1/2 hour wash then put the rest of the laundry in with them
  • According to Cheeky Wipes you can save between £250-£500 in the first 2 years compared to using disposable wipes
  • Cheeky Wipes are mostly water with some lovely smelling oils so no unknown chemicals
  • You don’t even need to dry them.  They can go straight back in the Fresh box if you don’t have time
  • They last for ages! We used them until we potty trained at 3 and then I turned them into Unpaper Towels
  • I’ve kept the boxes and the leftover oils in case we have another. I just need to buy a new set of wipes
  • As your little human gets bigger you can involve them in preparing the boxes. Tiny loves putting the fresh wipes in and patting them down 💕

Any questions? Just drop me a comment.


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