Cloth Sanitary Pads: A Monthly Game Changer

Or CSPs, or snuggle lady blankets.

I’m obsessed.

I became interested in the concept when I was on maternity leave and really loving cloth nappies.  Then I made the mistake of typing cloth pads into Etsy.

I didn’t need all that money anyhow.

Why are cloth pads so great I hear you ask?

  • They are snuggly lady blankets. No, really. There is less chafing, rubbing, sticking etc
  • They’re reusable so they’re good for the environment and your conscience because you’re not throwing away all that plastic packaging as well as the pads.
  • They come in every geeky fabric you could dream of. The Walking Dead fabric is a particular favourite of mine.
  • They aren’t one size fits all like normal pads. You can pick length, width, thickness and shape as well as fabric.
  • They’re easy to use.  Just scrub, soak then wash with your regular laundry.
  • They aren’t full of the nasty chemicals that make regular pads effective.
  • They’re more breathable.
  • There is less risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).
  • They’re better for your budget over a lifetime especially if you like dailies too. According to The Telegraph the average person could spend £18,000 on menstruation over a lifetime!!
  • And my favourite of all… most CSPs are made by mums running small businesses through Esty, Instagram or Facebook.

As I mentioned before one of the great things about CSPS is that they aren’t one size fits all.  It’s best to shop around and try lots of different shapes and lengths to see what fits you best.  Some of my favourite Etsy sellers like Lunas Landing Pads do amazing seconds so it needn’t break the bank. I also recommend Silly PandaCrafty Mrs B Sews and Fanny Paddams.

You can also buy adorable little pouches to store them in when you’re out and about.

Give them a try… You won’t regret it!


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