How to make an easy Halloween wreath.

It’s October! Yay. For me that means spending the whole month preparing for some Halloween fun! I want to host a toddler party for my baby group friends on 31st, and we’re having a Halloween house warming for our family on 4th November.

Now that I have more time on my hands I’ve decided to make some decorations rather than giving all my money to John Lewis and Tiger! 

I’ve always wanted to make a Halloween wreath and I happened to have some sturdy card lying around and a bit of free time on Sunday morning! 


1. Cut out two circles from card for your wreath. I used two different sizes of plates. Keep the inside piece for another craft project! 

2. Bulk up your card with some stuffing by spreading glue all around the wreath and attaching the stuffing to it. 

3. Then wrap the wreath to create the shape. I used some Halloween material as well as some old fabric samples. There’s probably lots of ways to fix the material…I used staples because it was easy and effective. This is also a good point to add something to hang your wreath from.

4. Add some black or grey wool for a spiders web type effect. 

5. Now for the fun bit…time to decorate with any Halloweeny bits you have lying about.  I decided to use lots of Zombie Felties that I had lying around from a previous obsession. I also added pompoms, crocheted flowers, buttons and spray painted pine cones and shells. I attached these with a hot glue gun. 

6. Find somewhere nice to hang the finished piece!


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