The Joy of Rock Painting.

So why paint rocks I hear you ask…

  1. They’re free!
  2. You can find them everywhere… especially if you live near lovely pebble beaches like I’m lucky enough to.
  3. They make good garden/door step decorations particularly during holiday seasons like Halloween and Christmas.
  4. If you use washable paint you can reuse them or spray them with a glaze and keep them forever.
  5. They’re cheap and unusual presents.
  6. They make a change from paper!

I used a range of different paints. I like the Giotto paints because they’re “super washable” which is handy with little ones. I have found them really easy to get off most things… I haven’t noticed any marks on clothes yet!

However, they aren’t ideal for adult projects as they’re too washable and don’t give good coverage.  Even building up layers takes ages as a fresh coat can take off the one beneath if you haven’t left them to dry for hours…and let’s face it we often don’t have hours!

The Wilko “Urban Jungle” tester worked really well for my zombie rocks. It was quick drying and gave great coverage.

The possibilities are as endless as your ranges of paints so you and your little ones can be as creative as you like.


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