Reasons why having a small child is a lot like living through a Zombie Apocalypse: Part 2.

If you missed Part 1 you can find it here:

7. Sleep Deprivation. Because sleep is broken, irregular, and always punctuated with the groans and whimpers of the living or the dead.

8. Unending terror. This keeps you awake and interrupts the little sleep you get with nightmares. Whether it’s the hordes of the undead on your doorstep or the thought of going to a new baby group alone, or having to take your 8 week old human for jabs, or the dreaded health visitor with all her weighing and frowns.

9. Relentlessness. Both caring for small humans and surviving of the zombie apocalypse are pretty relentless. The constant search for food, the laundry, the killing of the undead, the barfing, the loss, the nappies, the suffering, the feeding. It just doesn’t stop.

10. Hoarding supplies. It’s hard to resist the urge to hoard. Bullets, nappies, formula, wipes, guns, painkillers, baby snacks. You never know when you might be surrounded, or when you might not feel like leaving the house.

11. Untidy hair. When you’re fighting for survival on a daily basis it can be quite hard to keep on top of your hair style. Not to mention that there are no hairdressers or electricity for your GHDs. Keeping a small human alive also takes priority over fabulous hair.


12. Mess. In both situations everything is just a bit messy. There’s all the blood and brains to consider or the constant pile of poo stained clothes (yours and the small humans). No washing machine and no dishwashers versus no free time to load such washing machines and dishwashers. Roads littered with the belongings of people fleeing versus your living room littered with all the noisy, plastic toot you’ve inherited or been gifted.






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