Review: Simply Cook 

We’ve been using Simply Cook  for about a year. We started ordering it when I was working full time and we were getting into a rut food wise.

Friday night takeaway was a big thing but there was also a lot of pizza and M&S Dine for two and a considerable amount of pesto and pasta. Neither of us had the time or energy to prepare much in the way of interesting food so I started looking around for a delivery service.

I ruled out things like Hello Fresh as I thought it was expensive and too restrictive.

Simply Cook really appealed to us. They send you the herbs, rubs, stocks or spice mixes for four meals. It fits through your letter box and comes complete with easy step by step instructions for meals that take about 20 minutes each. They must be easy if I can follow them successfully whilst drinking wine!

I also love that there’s no rush to make them. You simply purchase the raw ingredients whenever you’re ready to cook.  Buying your own ingredients is great as it means you can customise the meals easily. I often buy onions instead of shallots as they’re cheaper…and being a pleb I can’t tell the difference. It also means you can decide to leave out, or buy less of the ingredients that you don’t particularly like unlike other boxes that send you everything.

I’ve been amazed by how yummy the meals are.  We haven’t had a Friday night takeaway since we started using Simply Cook. Instead we open a bottle and cook together. We used to order two boxes a month which came to less than the cost of one Dominos takeaway.  Now we order one a month and have a yummy meal every Friday. We’ve also been inspired to try other things through Simply Cook. Who knew half a lemon squeezed into couscous was so good….or that adding bacon and feta to sweet potato mash would be heaven?

The instructions are straightforward and most meals take about 20 minutes to prepare.  There’s a handy app to order your next box which also lists the ingredients and method.

You can select your box every month or get a random selection of meals.  I’ve even ordered double quantities for hassle free dinner parties.

If you’d like to try Simply Cook for £1 (!!!!) you can use my code and we both win! My code is LH4149.

Happy cooking.


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