Top Tips for Flying Solo with Toddlers.

Tiny and I took our first solo flight this month.  Tiny is used to flying as my family are in N. Ireland and we’re in England but I’ve never attempted it without hubby before. I’m such a wuss. Happily we’re now in Devon so I no longer have to fly from the godless heck hole that is Luton. Exeter airport is a dream with a baby. It’s small, flat and everyone is super West Country friendly and helpful. 

1. Book flights around nap time if possible. Ha! I normally just book the cheapest flight and if they happen to fit with nap time that’s great! Tiny slept the whole way home as we were flying about 10.30am. Perfect! (I slept too.)

2. Travel light. I was going home for 5 days and I just took a small rucksack, Tiny’s change bag and her buggy. All this is manageable on the bus and without a trolley at the airport. However, I did struggle a bit walking down the aisle with Tiny as we were a bit wide.  

3. Don’t bother packing a book. Those days are past. 

4. Snacks are your friend. And not just any snacks.  We’re talking premium Kiddilicious snacks. On the way to Ireland we were flying mid afternoon and Tiny mostly ate the whole way. This was the only way to stop her getting really frustrated about not being able to run about.  

5. A dummy or a boob. Or something they can suck or eat at take off and landing to help prevent the changes in pressure playing havoc with tiny ears.

6. Toys. I haven’t nailed this one yet. Obviously I picked Tiny’s comforter bunny.  I also brought a favourite farmyard threading toy but that was a rookie error as we kept dropping the bits and I had to scrabble around for them under the seats in front. I always have crayons and a notebook in the change bag but Tiny kept drawing on the tray!

7. Free airport wifi. Or lots of data. I’m nearly always early because I’m paranoid about missing flights so we had a lot of time to kill at Exeter airport and very happily they give you an hour of free wifi! Tiny was able to watch a bit of Meg and Mog and Hey Dugee to keep her amused.  

8. Don’t take your precious buggy that was a gift from your parents. To be fair when Tiny was a newborn we flew with our Cosatto because it was just easier than bringing a car seat and a buggy. Apparently there are special bags one can buy to protect your buggy but we never bothered and it survived! Once Tiny was able to sit upright we bought a cheaper Joie that we didn’t mind being abused by Easyjet on a regular basis. My mum also got a next stage car seat which made life much easier.

If you’ve got any tips for flying with a toddler I’d love to hear them. 


2 thoughts on “Top Tips for Flying Solo with Toddlers.

  1. You pretty much nailed it. I always bring the iPad. No data plan. Just movies and games. The gruffalo games are great. It’s an app. Check it out. Safe travels. Oh and those bags are 20 bucks on amazon. The airline will rip them on your first trip…

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