Review: Dinosaur Detectives Mess Box 

Not going to lie I am pretty thrilled with the Dinosaur Detectives box.  I think I love it more than the Spooktacular box which is weird because I love Halloween. 

I was thinking about cancelling my subscription because only one of us is earning at the mo but after this box I’m definitely keeping going as I’m excited for the Christmas box! Priorities and all that…

There’s a great range of activities in this box which would suit a good age range of kids.  I’m really excited to make some (a literal tonne) of frozen dinosaur eggs.  I think these will be great in the bath, or on hot summer days. I’m going to try some little ones to keep Tiny busy at mealtimes too. I also have a load of other small plastic animals I can try this with so watch out for some themed sensory ice fun…

I also love the paper plate dinosaur idea. This is clever and something you can enjoy more than once… I’ve always got paper plates hanging around! 

Tiny loves bath time so the glittery bath foam will definitely be a hit. I’m also intrigued by the Gelli Baff (goo for the bath)… I’m going to save my judgement until we’ve tried it!

What I also love about this box is the printed instructions! I can pop them on the fridge to remind me about what we still have to do and there’s no faffing around to find your password for the website. 


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