Christmas Craft Ideas

So November and December have been busy crafting months (like every other month) in preparation for Christmas. I’ve tried to keep it simple as I’m usually crafting whilst Tiny sleeps.

Pom Poms!

Having not made Pom Poms since I was a child I’ve recently become obsessed with them. I bought some Pom Pom makers on Ebay. I know you can make them with cardboard but I hate cutting things out with my stupid non left handed scissors.

I’ve always wanted to make a Pom Pom wreath so I bought a couple of wire wreaths on EBay as this seemed the easiest base for a wreath.

Then I spent about a week making a bunch of festive coloured Pom Poms.

Apparently the best way to attach them is to leave wool tails after you tie off your Pom Poms. I did not do this. I had to sew them on. It was a bit of a nightmare. It was still a bit unstable so I used my glue gun to add a bit of stability.

I added some toadstools from Tiger as a finishing touch.

I also used Pom Poms to make Brussel Sprout and Christmas Pudding decorations. The Brussel Sprouts were really easy. I used a mix of different colours of green wool and added googly eyes.

For the Christmas Puddings I filled one side of the Pom Pom maker with brown and black wool. Then I filled the other side just over half with white wool and the rest with brown and black wool.  I’m still not 100% happy with how these look so I’ll probably have a few more goes.


I happy to bring zombies and Christmas together at last.

There really aren’t enough zombie themed Christmas decorations…or indeed any. Felt hearts are nice but zombie felt hearts are even better. 

Also I love that zombie Santa is bothering Justin Welby.

More traditionally you can also cut gingerbread out of felt and get your small humans to decorate them with glitter and buttons.

Hand and Foot Printing!

We did hand and foot printing onto card for family Christmas cards and tree decorations. This was fun and I was really pleased with the results. My favourites were the “Mistletoes” and the hand Reindeers! I stupidly wrote the finished cards and posted them without taking pictures though…

Snowman Bauble!

These are so cute and easy to make. They’re about 42p each on Ebay depending on what size you would like. You just fill the inside with cotton wool, stick on eyes and a nose and use a sharpie to draw on a mouth. I used a pipe cleaner to hang it but you could use anything. I’ll definitely look at doing different things with these baubles next year.  

Paper Plate Decorations!

It’s always great to have paper plates in the house as they’re really versatile for crafts. Tiny and I used paper cut outs to decorate this one. I’d also like to try cutting out the middle and making simple wreaths.

And finally…

Salt Dough Ornaments.

Tiny and I were in need of an activity today as it was rainy and gross out. I decided on salt dough as it’s so easy. All you need is:

  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup plain flour 
  • 1/2 hot water 

You just mix the salt and flour and slowly add the hot water until a dough forms. 

Then roll the dough, cut out the shapes and bake at about 100 for 3 hours. I used a straw to punch a hole for ribbons. 




7 thoughts on “Christmas Craft Ideas

  1. absolutley amazing ideas! I have pom, pom makers and I’ve made a lot of garlands from them, the Christmas Wreath is amazing. Might have to try this one at some point. Also Tiny the cat is adorable, best to make them while the cats asleep isn’t it otherwise everthing gets into a right tangle!

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