Wardrobe Dividers: A useful creative task to do with your toddler.

My brother-in-law has been promising to give Tiny his old wardrobe for a few months now… once he eventually clears it out. 

It looks like it might actually happen this week so I’ve been sorting Tiny’s heaps of hand-me-downs into sizes ready to put in the wardrobe. 

We’re the last of our friends and family to have children so we’ve been really lucky with hand-me-downs. Tiny has had a ridiculous wardrobe so far and we’ve got stuff for 5-6 year olds! 

I’m looking forward to getting everything out of boxes and drawers, and actually having it hung up so she can get more use out of it.

I decided to make wardrobe dividers so everything can be sorted easily and I know what we have plenty of. I already know… it’s dresses…all the dresses.  

I was going to beautify them myself but turn Tiny appeared magically at my side and I thought it would be a nice activity for her.

Do you have excess baby clothes? How do you deal with them? 


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