Ikea Latt Table and Chairs Makeover.

As I’m a glutton for punishment I decided that I really needed to makeover a table and chairs for Tiny, as well as an Ikea kitchen for her Christmas present.

Like with the kitchen, Ikea was the obvious choice for the table and chairs. It is only £20 and it’s the perfect base for customising.

I bought some forest themed contact paper for Amazon for about £7.99 and some small pots of Rustoleum in China Rose and Hessian.


First of all I laid out all the pieces on a dust sheet and painted them.


I decided to do the chairs China Rose and the table Hessian.


Then I applied the contact paper to the seats of the chairs and the tabletop. This was really easy and straightforward – especially as you don’t have to be too picky about the edges being perfect as the wood overlaps the tabletop and seats.


I then assembled it as per the Ikea instructions. The only tricky bit is pushing it all together and trying to make sure the contact paper doesn’t get ripped or scratched.


Once it was all assembled I strategically sanded it down and waxed it. I’m glad that I went for the shabby chic look as it’s already taken a battering from Tiny. She’s drawn on it, dropped a ton of food on it, stabbed it with a fork and spilled a bowl of slime over it!


I’m super pleased with this present as it looks great and is really functional. Tiny now eats her snacks there (and quite often her lunch when it’s just the two of us), she draws there, does her sticker books there and I can play with her without constantly breaking my back!


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