Review: Canny Cosy Wax Melts

A couple of weeks ago I was gifted some wax melts from Canny Cosy. I was really intrigued as I've only ever used reed diffusers at home (I'm not sure what it says about how my home smells that my mum keeps buying them for me!!) Canny Cosy Wax Melts are hand poured in Newcastle … Continue reading Review: Canny Cosy Wax Melts


Review: Niamh’s Neverland Nappy Wallet

It was Tiny's birthday last week I decided that it was about time that I stopped carrying around such a massive change bag everywhere. I was just contemplating how I was going to physically downsize this ridiculous bag when I was gifted a nappy wallet from Niamh's Neverland. Obviously I jumped at the chance! Just … Continue reading Review: Niamh’s Neverland Nappy Wallet