Review: The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company.

It’s not every day that I am gifted a chocolate pizza but when that day did eventually arrive it made me very happy.

It made me especially happy because this isn’t just any old luxury chocolate… it’s a chocolate pizza! Thus it combines two of my favourite things in life – chocolate and pizza.

So I made a cup of tea (decaf because it’s 8pm and I’m a mum) and I settled down on the sofa with a perfectly sized slice of Chocolate Love Pizza.

The first thing I noticed about the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza is the packaging.

I loved the pizza box, and I thought the packaging was very attractive in general. It certainly stands out from most chocolates that you might give as a gift for this reason.

The chocolate is pre cut into ideally sized slices so it’s perfect for sharing…if you have to.

If I was able to have dinner parties any more I think it would make a nice change from a box of chocolates at the end.

Most importantly it’s yummy. Honestly. I’m a fussy chocolate eater and I loved it. The Belgium chocolate is deliciously creamy and melts like a dream in your mouth. The white chocolate curls, red rainbow drops and chocolate coated rice balls all add some lovely texture and crunch too.

I would definitely recommend this as a present for the pizza loving chocoholic in your life. The Gourmet Pizza Company also do a huge range incuding dark chocolate, and chilli so there is something for everyone.


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