Ikea Flisat Doll’s House

Tiny has always been a fan of doll’s houses. There’s a rickety old one at our favourite play group and whenever it’s out she’s always kneeling in front of it and murmuring nonsense as she shoves furniture in random places. She also loves my old doll’s house which is currently on display in the loft bedroom. However, as my three legged miniature teddy bear can attest to, she’s not quite ready for my dolls house. It will be hers in a few years but I wanted to get her something different and sturdy for her to enjoy in the meantime.

So of course I went for the Ikea Flisat doll’s house. It’s £23, very easy to assemble and can be used as shelves once it’s no longer needed as a doll’s house. I have adorable craft storage plans for this when Tiny outgrows it!


I managed to build it in about 45 minutes so it’s pretty straightforward!


It feels really sturdy and looks great. As with most Ikea things it is perfect for customising. In a bold move I decided not to paint it. I thought it looked beautiful as it was and I didn’t have time to obsess over the finish. At least with the plain wood it will be easier to sand away any damage.


I didn’t buy the Ikea doll’s house furniture either. It is really cute but I think it appeals more to adults than children because it’s based on old and current Ikea designs. I went for some adorable wooden furniture from Lidl. The sets were really good value (2 for £10) and contain lots of nice touches and detail.


I used some old fabric samples as rugs and raided a few sturdier pieces from my doll’s house.


My favourite addition was lots of tiny framed photographs and drawings. Hubby drew a family portrait, and as well as family pictures I framed some of Tiny’s scribblings.


These really make it look lovely and they’re easy to remove when I want to repurpose it for storage!


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