Review: Niamh’s Neverland Nappy Wallet

It was Tiny’s birthday last week I decided that it was about time that I stopped carrying around such a massive change bag everywhere. I was just contemplating how I was going to physically downsize this ridiculous bag when I was gifted a nappy wallet from Niamh’s Neverland.


Obviously I jumped at the chance! Just one look at Niamh’s Neverland on Etsy and I was sold. The nappy wallets are all handmade. They have room for 3/4 nappies, a whole packet of wipes and other bits and pieces like hand sanitizer or nappy bags. They are also customisable so you can add a dummy clip or your child’s name. They can be machine washed but not tumble dried.


My unicorn nappy bag arrived last week and I’ve been trialling it over the last few days.


It’s gorgeous, right? I’ve already have several compliments from other mummies. I mean what’s not to love…just look at the little unicorns! There’s a good range of fabric available so there’s something to suit every taste.


It’s also really practical. There’s space for the essentials so I can just throw this in the bottom of buggy if I’m going for a Parkrun, or if I’ve got the whole bag out with me anyhow I can just take this into the changing room. It’s a handy way to keep things organised in a change bag or rucksack.


I love that there’s plenty of room for wipes, nappies and creams. It’s easy to access everything and you can do it up one handed (bonus!)


The quality is really great. It has obviously been beautifully and lovingly stitched. I’m actually really precious about it because it looks so perfect.


I would definitely recommend these either as a practical gift for yourself or a really unique gift for a baby shower or a new mummy. Prices start at £10 and they’re available through Etsy.



4 thoughts on “Review: Niamh’s Neverland Nappy Wallet

  1. I love this! My little one is only 8 weeks and I can’t wait to have a smaller bag! The big nappy bag gets in the way! Xx


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