Review: Canny Cosy Wax Melts

A couple of weeks ago I was gifted some wax melts from Canny Cosy. I was really intrigued as I’ve only ever used reed diffusers at home (I’m not sure what it says about how my home smells that my mum keeps buying them for me!!)

Canny Cosy Wax Melts are hand poured in Newcastle and are made of 100% soy wax. They arrived beautifully packaged in tubs with shredded pink tissue paper. I particularly like the glittery labels and the lovely heart shaped melts – so much nicer than the standard circle.

I tried the Clean Cotton wax melts first.

I love how the white wax melts into the blue. It was really beautiful to watch. More importantly I was genuinely blown away by the smell. I actually don’t know how it’s possible to make wax smell like clean laundry. I wish I could photograph the smell.

The scent of the wax melt quickly filled the room and I could smell it around the house. I was really impressed. I’m used to reed diffusers which I’ve never found particularly effective unless you’re standing right beside them so the wax melts were a revelation! They also outperform any so called scented candle that I’ve ever tried.

I loved the Fresh Linen wax melts too. The whole house smelt like fresh laundry without me having to do any! I had a bath instead.

On average the wax melts burn for between 6-8 hours and will last longer than a standard tea light.

I can’t recommend Canny Cosy Wax Melts enough. I am a convert. The two fresh scents I tried smelt amazing and so much more vivid than either reed diffusers or scented candles.

The wax melts are £2.99 for four and Canny Cosy also do custom packages, wedding favours and baby shower gifts. You can use the code zombiemum to get 10% off just in time for Mother’s Day!


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