Review: Natural Scrubbing Stone.

Being a full time stay at home mum means that I don’t have as much time as I used to have to look after myself. I normally have a quick shower right before I go to bed and I rarely have time for a soak in the bath *sob*. So I’m always looking for products that make me feel good without too much extra effort, or expense! I really do miss my salary…

I’ve been struggling to find a good method of exfoliation for ages. Obviously microbeads were a no go even before they were banned, and much as I love sugar scrubs they tend to be too expensive and not hugely effective. I’ve never been a fan of pumice stones either because they always end up disintegrating, and going a bit icky. I was also only ever happy using them on my feet! I’ve tried exfoliating mitts as well but felt they didn’t work very well on my feet.

So imagine my glee when I opened my box of gifted goodies from Eco Natural Products and discovered a Scrubbing Stone from Pierre de Plaisir to review.

The Scrubbing Stones are made from 100% natural clay so there’s no chemical additives. Yay! It’s also really durable and doesn’t change shape, breakdown or get stained. You can even refresh the stone by heating it in the oven for 30 minutes. So at £12.99 it’s a cost effective long term alternative to body scrubs which range from about £3.99 to £13.00 for standard brands.

Doesn’t it look nice? It looks great sitting in my shower and the shape is lovely to hold and use.

I’ve been using the Scrubbing Stone in the shower 3 times a week for the last two weeks and I’ve been pleased with the results – especially on my feet! I’m definitely feeling smoother all over. The stone is really versatile and can be used all over the body and the face. You just adjust how hard you scrub depending on where you’re using it.

I’ve use it with hand wash, shower gel and a sensitive skin solid soap (also from Pierre de Plaisir) and it works well with them all. Pierre de Plaisir natural soap bars do not contain parabens, petroleum products, hardeners or artificial colourings, artificial perfumes or other nasties so they make a great alternative to shower gel if you want to go more natural.

The scrubbing stone is also useful for removing stinky smells from your hands. I chopped some garlic and tried washing my hands with my normal soap and the stone. I was really pleased with how quickly the garlic stink disappeared.

The stone can also be used to remove stains like marker pen.

I tried this by writing on my hand with Sharpies then washing with just soap which as you can see had little effect.

Then I used soap and the scrubbing stone which removed the Sharpie very quickly.

For me the scrubbing stone is definitely the way forward in terms of exfoliation as it’s cost effective, pleasant to use and natural.

*I was gifted a scrubbing stone is exchange for a review. All reviews are my own opinion.


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