Fancy earning a little extra cash through online studies?

No, really. I promise this isn’t a scam.

I’ve been using Prolific for a few months now and today I decided to cash out my earnings…the princely sum of £16.46. Not a huge amount I’ll admit, but I really wanted to buy some new wax melts and I couldn’t justify the expense otherwise. You can arrange to get paid directly into your Paypal account once you’ve earned over £15. I think it’s possible to make more than I have if you’re systematic about checking for new studies every day.

Prolific helps researchers find participants for their studies. It allows you take part in fun surveys and scientific studies from around the world. You earn actual cash for your participation – not points – which has put me off other online surveys. I’ve done studies that pay anything for £0.10 to £4.00 depending on how long the study takes.

It’s free to sign up. You simply register and then answer lots of different questions about yourself and your interests or beliefs – these are used to match you to studies. I’ve done studies on everything from consumerism to weight loss to pets.

If you’re interested I’d be really, super grateful if you used my referral link to sign up as I get a little bonus for referring participants who go on to use Prolific and earn money!





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