Review: Mud and Bloom March Box.

I’m finally starting to feel a bit more springy now that the snow has melted (again) so it seemed like the perfect time to get stuck in to our latest box gifted by the lovely Mud and Bloom.

First of all we planted some sunflower and mini cucumber seeds. The box comes with everything you need to plant two pots of sunflower and cucumber seeds, but there are enough seeds included to plant plenty more as long as you’ve got some soil handy. You don’t even need to buy small pots as you can use yogurt pots with holes in the bottom.

Tiny loved this. It was fun watching the soil expand and relatively mess free! She also poked holes in the soil and dropped the seeds in.

We are growing the seeds in our mini Ikea greenhouse and they are doing incredibly well! Everyday we have a little look to see how big they’re getting.

I’m going to keep them in the greenhouse until they get too tall.

Then I might move them outside but I’m dubious after all the freezing weather we’ve had in Devon!

Then we moved on to the miniature garden, or the fairy garden as Tiny and I called it. To be fair, it’s more of a cat garden. The box comes with detailed instructions for the garden, a tipi and mini bunting. A gorgeous little toadstool is also included.

I made the mini bunting and the tipi beforehand as it’s a bit fiddly for Tiny but it would be perfect for an older child.

I laid everything out for Tiny and let her have a go a putting things in place.

I think her favourite bit was the adding the fish tank gravel. A fair bit found its way on to the floor too.

Also included in the box is Nature News about March, a quiz and checklist for the signs of spring.

I cannot fault the Mud and Bloom box. It’s beautifully presented with generous, high quality materials supplied. The instructions are clear and really professional looking.

I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to planting things and utilising our little greenhouse without some inspiration and this has been perfect.


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