Review: Kerry’s Garden Subscription Box.

The snow is finally gone. Again. Yay. And hopefully it’s not coming back.

Spring is most definitely in the air and I’m really looking forward to spending more time in the garden with Tiny. We’ve already started trying to add a little bit of colour (and not just spray painted rocks), and our new plants seem to have survived the unusual weather.


Hubby and I have also bought a little greenhouse. Tiny doesn’t really eat vegetables (except tomatoes, corn on the cob and the odd bit of broccoli) so it’s going to be great growing them with her this summer. I’m hoping to fill our greenhouse with interesting things that Tiny might just try especially if she’s helped to grow them.


So given my gardening ambitions (and lack of skill) I was really pleased to be gifted the new subscription box from Kerry’s Garden in exchange for a review.

I’m very much a gardening beginner so it’s comforting to have instructions and a simple place to start. This month’s box contained everything I needed to start growing tomatoes and basil. I’ve only every bought tomato and basil as plants so I’m really excited to grow them from scratch.

I love that the box literally comes with everything you need – even if you’re an absolute beginner. There’s soil, and handy little fabric bags so you don’t even need a pot until your seeds have sprouted and grown a bit. There’s even lollipop sticks so you can label your seeds!

The instructions were really straightforward and easy to follow.

Plenty of seeds are provided so if you do happen to have to some soil and pots you can plant even more.

For monthly subscriptions you can chose from either: two packets of plant seeds along with everything else needed to grow them for £9.99, or four packets of seeds without the soil and instructions for £4.99. There are discounts if you choose to prepay for 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions.

I think Kerry’s Garden is a great way to get into gardening especially if you don’t have a massive garden. There’s no worrying about what to plant next, and the boxes come with a huge variety of interesting seeds that you wouldn’t necessarily consider planting yourself. I definitely want to try the Arabica coffee seeds!


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