Review: Rejuvenating Overnight Mask from Base Formula.

Whenever a brand asks me what sort of product I’d like to try I always give the same answer – something that will make me look and feel good but doesn’t require lots of time. Unfortunately I just don’t have much time to spend on me so I love products that I can add into my routine easily.

I was really thrilled when Base Formula gifted me a Rejuvenating Overnight Mask. A product that will work its magic whilst I’m sleeping? Halleluiah!

Despite loving the idea of an overnight face mask I’ve never actually had much luck with them in the past. I have quite sensitive skin and the masks I’ve used previously have itched so much that I’ve had to wash them off before I even fell asleep! Or else they’ve been horribly sticky and left mess all over my pillow.

However, using the Rejuvenating Overnight Mask was a completely different experience. I’ve been using it every other night for a couple of weeks and I’m really loving it. One of my favourite things about the mask is the smell. It’s blended with Aloe Vera and Rose, Geranium, Frankincense, and Patchouli essential oils. It smells wonderful. It reminds me of the products beauticians use whenever I go for a facial and I find it incredibly relaxing.

You simply apply a thick layer to your face and neck, leave overnight and rinse with warm water in the morning. I find that it soaks in gradually leaving a shine to my skin rather than making me look like some sort of swamp monster overnight.

I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin since I started to use it. I tend towards dry skin and it’s been especially bad this year as winter seems to have gone on forever. You know those horrible patches on your face that you don’t really notice until you try to put some make-up on? Well I have those on my forehead and on the sides of my nose and I’m relieved that using this mask regularly has gotten rid of them and given me much calmer, happier skin without making it greasy at all. My skin also suffered when we were on holiday from the effects of the sun, sea and over chlorinated swimming pools so it was a relief to be able to cleanse my face and lather it in such a soothing mask.

In general my skin feels fresher and brighter and it’s all happened in my sleep!

If you’d like to try the Rejuvenating Overnight Mask it’s available for £14.40 from Base Formula. Base Formula is a British company based in Melton Mowbray (Holistic House
38-40 Pate Road, Leicester Road Industrial Estate, Melton Mowbray, LE13 0RG). It was founded by Chris Keating in 1996 and was initially operated as a small home based business. Base Formula now supply aromatherapy supplies to therapists and training colleges all over the UK. You can find out more about their accreditations and products by visiting their websites.


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