Review: Letterbox Cakes by bakerdays.

The future is bright…the future is cakes through your letterbox. No, really!

I’m amazed by the huge array of happy post that you can get shoved through your letterbox these days and cakes from bakerdays are no exception.

Bakerdays offer a huge range of personalised cakes, cupcakes and balloons. I delighted to be offered the opportunity to try their adorable letterbox cakes for free. These dinky little cakes are 12cm by 2.5cm and fit perfectly through your letterbox. The website suggests they are 3-4 portions but we were happy with smaller slices each so it went much further.

You can personalise a cake for any occasion. There are hundreds of designs to chose from. Everything from birthday cakes to apology cakes is catered for. You have to option to personalise one of their designs, like I did, or you can upload your own image.

The letterbox cakes are available in a variety of tasty flavours including traditional sponge, lemon drizzle and chocolate chip. There is also the option to go dairy or gluten free. The lemon drizzle was moist and lemony!

The cake arrived in a lovely little tin. Not only does this protect the cake but it’s also really cute and reusable if you’re a hoarder like me.

I live in a different country from my family and I don’t often get to spend birthdays with them so I really love the idea of being able to surprise them with a cake in the post. If you’d like to try a letterbox cake they are available from £14.99.


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