Review: Isabella and Us Mummy Cards.

It’s always great to be able to work with a brand that you really believe in and I love the positive parenting message behind Isabella and Us. Let’s face it – parenting is hard. It is wonderful and rewarding but it’s also exhausting, terrifying and all consuming at times.

We constantly celebrate the progress of our small humans – their first smile, first steps, first poo in the bath but what we don’t celebrate enough is the small wins we have everyday as parents. This is so important especially in the early days when even leaving the house seems like a monumental achievement.

Being solely responsible for a small human can be overwhelming so it’s good to focus on the little successes that you have everyday.

My own small human is a twonager now so Emma very kindly gifted me some Mummy Cards for Mummies with Toddlers. They’re so cute!

What I really love about these cards is that they’re so little. They are business card sized and come in a nice clear box so they are easy to slip into your changing bag.

The milestone cards I used when Tiny was younger were huge. They really weren’t very practical for carrying around with you and in the end we ended up not using an awful lot of them. This one is nearly as big as my baby…


The Isabella and Us cards are really simplistic and they come in a lovely pastel colour range. There are cards for all occasions as well as some that you can add your own small win to.

There is a huge range to choose from including cards for Daddies, Fertility cards and Baby Milestone cards. These would make a really special baby shower gift, new mum present or even just a little surprise for someone you know who is struggling.

Here’s me proudly modelling my winning as a mummy badge!

*Toddler milestone cards were gifted to me in exchange for a review. All reviews are my honest opinion.


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