I don’t flush my loo any more.

Okay… more accurately I don’t flush my loo very much any more. If it’s yellow let it mellow and all that. It turns out that water is expensive on a meter and so we’ve been trying to save money (and water) by flushing our toilet much less frequently.

And honestly I hate it.

We may be saving money on water but I’m sure we’re spending more on cleaning the damn toilet.

It stains. It smells.

Bleach is the only thing that gets rid of the staining. And that’s a bugger as I’m trying to use less bleach because it’s bad for the environment and I’ve never found any cruelty free stuff. I’ve been using Tesco’s Eco Active Toilet Cleaner which smells great but doesn’t work the same as bleach.

If you save water by flushing less I’d love to hear some tips for making it more pleasant! Or even less gross alternatives…

P.S. Use Who Gives A Crap. It’s good for you bum and the environment and it’s not gross like not flushing your loo. You can use my code to get £5 off and I get £5 off too. Win Win!


One thought on “I don’t flush my loo any more.

  1. I can’t imagine not flushing your toilet would save enough money to make that battle worthwhile.

    I suppose you could get rain barrels and fill up your tanks with rain water…


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