Review: Pacifier Case by Baby Wings.

We never planned to use a dummy but Tiny’s had a dummy since she was only a couple of weeks old. Contrary to what we were told by literally everyone babies do not stop drinking when they’re full. Babies like to suck. It soothes them. Tiny used to drink until she threw up regularly. This is why our couch is now covered with crocheted throws and will remain like that until no one is ever likely to vomit on it and we can afford to replace it.

After about the millionth vomit my mum suggested we try a dummy and Tiny has been a massive fan ever since. Once she got a bit older and started trying to talk we limited the dummy to sleep and illness which has worked really well. Tiny’s always been a pretty great sleeper. I’m sure it’s not just down to the dummy but it’s certainly played a part.

So this has meant that I rarely leave the house without at least one dummy somewhere on my person. I’ve used everything from a mini steriliser, to Tupperware and freezer bags to transport Tiny’s dummies around with us.

But thanks to a gift from Baby Wings I now have an easier option with their handy Pacifier Cases.

Baby Wings was founded by Mike Jordan and Hue Zhang with the aim of creating baby products that simplify parenthood through brilliant design. They’re so confident about the design and quality that all Baby Wings products come with a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty as well as 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy! You can’t argue with that.

All Baby Wings products are also compliant with EU and US safety standards including no BPA, leads or phthalates.

The Pacifier Case is really handy because it holds 2 dummies securely and hygienically.

It doesn’t open even when dropped, and can be easily attached and transferred between bags or buggies with the one step clip.

It’s easy to open one handed (bonus for parents) as you just have to press the rough patch in-between the handle to release the catch. It’s made from polypropylene and therefore is easy to wash and sturdy.

I also love that it isn’t just for storing dummies as you won’t use dummies forever. I’ve put snacks in there and Tiny has been using it to store some of her favourite small toys as well. You could even use it to store nipple shields or other baby related bits and bobs.

The Pacifier Cases are also very reasonably priced as you can buy 3 (pink, green and blue) for £5.99 through the Baby Wings store on Amazon.

I think this is a really fun and inventive product. It’s definitely something I will continue to use and I think it would make an unusual present for a new parent.

*the dummy cases were gifted to me in exchange for a review. All reviews are my honest opinion.


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