Hello September.

It’s been a while. Probably about 5 weeks since I sat down at my computer with any intention of blogging. Partly it’s been the nature of the summer holidays with lots of time spent away from home and my laptop. But I’ve also been busy working on a new project…slaving over a hot stove rather than over my laptop.

However, my love of September and new beginnings inspired me to start tapping away on my keyboard once again.

As a former teacher September is still as much New Year to me as January is. It is filled with the promise of Autumn, new friends, woolly jumpers, pristine stationary, and the hope of being better than I was last year. So I thought it was a really good time to reflect on the goals I set in January and what I hope to achieve as 2018 draws to a close.

September brings a lot of mixed emotions. I’m starting my second year of being a stay-at-home-parent. In my head I’d expected to spend a year with Tiny and be back at work soon but even though I continue to apply for bits and pieces that seems a long way off. This is a mixed blessing – whilst extra money would really be handy (when is it not?) watching Tiny grow is such a privilege. She continues to surprise, delight and frustrate me in equal measure every day. However, I did apply for two jobs today so keep your fingers crossed for me! I really, really would love to be a librarian…

September also marks the start of Tiny going to nursery for one day a week. Although she’s not three for a while we decided that she needs the nursery experience sooner rather than later. She’s bright, vocal and fiercely independent but she needs to learn to share, and to listen. She would also benefit from spending time with other children when she’s not the centre of attention! It will be a stretch financially but I think it will be worth every penny. She’ll learn a lot and it will give me time to do mundane things and work on my new project so that I can enjoy more of our time together.

The main reason I’ve been blogging less and less lately is because I’ve been spending so much time on a new mini business venture. This year I have taught myself how to make wax melts and I’m hoping to launch my Etsy shop towards the end of September.

I’m excited about this new project because Geeky Melts combines my love of crafting and creating with my love of all things geeky. My Etsy shop is still a work in progress but you can check out my journey on Instagram. There’s a giveaway running until the 15th September if you’d like to win some spooky Halloween melts. I don’t expect to make my fortune but I hope this can be a small source of extra income for us – even making enough to pay for Tiny’s one day at nursery would be a dream.

And what about all those Resolutions I made in January? It’s been a mixed bag but on balance I think Leslie Knope would be proud. I’ve taken over running a toddler group two days a week so I can give back to the community. As well as teaching myself how to make wax melts I have also gained regular clients for my cat sitting business. I’m still using my sewing machine, and I’m maybe getting a bit better? I made bunting for the garden and I’ve started the rather epic task of making lots of drawstring bags so I can use less wrapping paper at Christmas. I have failed fairly miserably at being more active though. But you can’t do it all, right?


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