Review: A Love Story about my Vax Blade Cordless Vacuum.

Just to be clear I’m no Mrs Hinch. I don’t live in a beautiful show home and I don’t love cleaning. I do love making my own cleaning products, genius storage solutions and my new Vax though.

I do my best to keep our 1920s terrace clean and tidy as mess drives me a bit crazy. However, there’s only so much you can do when you’ve got more books, DVDs, CDs, toys, Lego, board games, and general crafting supplies than you can shake a stick at. Our theme is definitely more charity shop chic than show home.

I also live with an absent minded mathematician, a toddler and two cats who all create their own brand of mess.

Before the Vax joined our family (and I mean that literally) we used our massive Dyson about once a week for a whole house hoover. Ugh. Much as I love the Dyson (it does suck the carpet off the floor) it is heavy, cumbersome and lethal if it ran over a foot so hoovering was a real chore.

Life is so much better now we have the Vax and here’s why:

1. I can do the whole house (all three floors) on one charge as long as I don’t faff about.

2. It recharges quickly.

3. It’s relatively light so is much easier to manoeuvre up and down the stairs.

4. The Boost mode is great for particularly dirty (read crumby) areas.

5. The Brushbar function makes doing carpets easier as there’s less resistance.

6. It comes with a range of useful attachments – a crevice tool, a dusting brush and a pet hair brush. Obviously the pet hair brush is my favourite and gets it gets used a lot especially on the stairs.

7. It looks good. I don’t even bother to put it away. It just lives in the dining room ready to be whipped out at a moments notice.

8. It is simple to use. You don’t need a degree in mechanics to figure out how to clean it and change the filter.

9. It’s powerful, and cleans almost as well as my full sized Dyson.

10. It was only £169.99.

So there you have it. I love the Vax. It’s made hoovering quicker, easier and more joyful. My house is cleaner, and more cat hair and crumb free.


P.S. No one is gifting me vacuum cleaners, yet 🙂


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