Review: Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s.

Like all 2.5 year olds Tiny is obsessed with Peppa Pig so after hearing how great Peppa Pig World was we decided to plan a mini trip there in the summer holidays as a treat. We went at the beginning of August and, although 30 degree heat can suck the joy from most things, we still had a great time.

Timing Your Visit.

I think we can all agree that right at the beginning of the summer holidays is not the best time to go to a theme park but given that we’re teachers we didn’t have much choice. Despite it being the first few days of August it actually wasn’t as crazy busy as I had expected. We arrived half an hour before the official opening time (10am). There was a short queue to get through the main gate and then another queue to get into the various bits of the park as these gates don’t open until 10am. This does give you time to find the loos and the lost child tags though!

If we went again I’d probably try to go at Easter or May half term in the hope that it wouldn’t be quite so hot. We were constantly worried about sunburn and heat stroke as there is limited shade. Depending on the ride there was little shade in the queue but we did feel exposed a lot of the time.

Peppa Pig World felt busier before lunch as many families came early and left in the afternoon but this may be different when it’s not hotter than the actual sun…


We went for two days and ordered our tickets in advance for £108. Tiny was free as she was under 1m tall (they do check!) I was glad that we had two days because of the weather as we really didn’t have the stamina for a whole day in the oppressive heat. Knowing we had a second day meant we could take our time and go home when we’d had enough. We also had plenty of time to do all the Peppa rides and explore the rest of the park.

The Rides.

Honestly, the rides were adorable. I think we were probably more excited than Tiny. They were very gentle and suitable for small children. The park in general was very clean and tidy, and it also felt very safe which is important to me after all the recent issues at theme parks.

We really enjoyed Windy Castle (probably the most exciting ride), Grampy Rabbit’s Sailboat and George’s Dinosaur ride.

The Muddy Puddles water area was also a highlight. It was so hot we went there at least twice on both days. Changes of clothes or swimwear are definitely a must if you’re going in hot weather!


There are other rides for very small children scattered throughout the park too so don’t be afraid to venture elsewhere. Tiny really enjoyed the seal log flume and the diggers.


The longest we had to queue for any ride was probably 20 minutes, which to be fair was definitely long enough with an impatient toddler! There were lots of rides with no queue at all especially first thing and in the late afternoon. I’d recommend bringing something to occupy your small people in the queues.

The Food.

We brought water and snacks with us but weren’t organised enough to pack lunch. If we went again I’d definitely bring lunch. There are lots of options for food but as you’d expect it is quite expensive and not amazing. We opted for slices of pizza on our first day as it was so hot we weren’t too hungry anyhow. We were super grateful for the ice cream and the Slush Puppies which we had at regular intervals because of the heat. Miss Rabbit’s doughnuts were also delicious!


There is a dedicated Peppa Pig shop and a general shop both of which were fabulous, and didn’t seem too overpriced. Hubby got himself a great Daddy Pig shirt and I was a bit disappointed that the Mummy Pig shirts were sooo pink and hideous. We got No. 1 Granny Pig socks for both Grannies and a few things for Tiny’s stocking when she wasn’t looking. I also treated myself to a Mr Potato.

Top Tip!

Rumour has it that the best time to take part in the fairground style games at any amusement park is first thing in the morning. You are more likely to get help to win a prize as you then carry it all around all day which encourages other people to have a go!

This definitely proved to be true at Peppa Pig World. We ended up with a Peppa and two Georges thanks to Hubby’s prowess at throwing balls.

I doubt that we will go to Peppa Pig World again unless we have another Peppa obsessed small human but it was definitely a lovely experience for Tiny. It also helped that her parents are massive children too.


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