Simple Eco Swaps

Since Christmas I’ve made a few simple swaps to reduce the amount of plastic and single use waste in our house.

Milk Deliveries!

We now get milk delivered 3 times a week from Milk and More. We also get bread, eggs and a yummy organic squash in glass bottles from Rocks. There is something special about opening the front door and collecting your milk first thing in the morning. The glass bottles are very aesthetically pleasing too.

Toilet Bombs!

I’ve ditched bleach and toilet cleaner in favour of homemade toilet Bombs, or powder, made with bicarb and citric acid.

These are fun to make, there’s no harsh chemicals and they smell great. They’re also brilliant at tackling limescale and grime so I use them in the shower and sink too!

Eco Egg!

I bought a massive 720 wash Eco Egg which is the equivalent of 3 years worth of laundry for about £20. Eco Eggs are cruelty free and contain no harsh chemicals. They can be refilled too. To be honest I really don’t understand how ceramic and mineral pellets clean laundry…but they do!

I still treat really filthy clothes before washing them with the egg and I shove slightly less laundry in my machine to make sure the egg has plenty of space to move around.

I’m really pleased with the results and I won’t be switching back.

Glass and Tin!

Another easy swap is making sure I buy condiments in glass or tin rather than plastic. Now our ketchup, golden syrup, sweet chilli sauce and olive oil etc are in glass. I’m hoping to start refilling the olive oil from a local zero waste shop too.

Plastic Free Fruit and Veg!

I realised that one of my worst areas for single use plastic was fruit and veg so I’ve just cut it out. I went to Aldi the other day and only bought potatoes as everything else came wrapped in plastic.

As much as possible I buy from the local farm shop in town, and I avoid packaged options in the supermarket.

Meat Free Most Days!

We’ve also drastically reduced our meat intake. We don’t buy chicken, mince or sausages anymore. I’ve become a huge Quorn convert, especially with the chicken!

I’m also obsessed with No Bull products, and Iceland’s nacho burgers – these come in card too! Tiny is a mega fussy eater so we still buy fish, ham and bacon as she loves them and I don’t want to restrict her diet any further.

Rocks Squash.

We discovered this thanks to Milk and More. It’s just crushed fruit and sugar so there’s no sweetener. Yay! It comes in glass bottles and it’s made in Devon. It’s definitely nicer than regular squash and I feel less guilty about giving it to Tiny.

No More Wrapping Paper!

I can’t remember when I last bought wrapping paper. Since I’ve learnt how to use my sewing machine I’ve been making a stash of drawstring bags for putting presents in. I think they make a nice additional gift too. I get most of my fabric from charity shops.


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