DIY Hand Cream

I use a lot of hand cream with being a toddler mum, a cat parent and a purveyor of wax so finding a plastic free (and cheap) alternative was really important to me.

I used this recipe from Dagmar’s home although I used slightly less coconut oil and than shea butter.

It’s really easy. You just melt the shea butter and coconut oil, add any essential oils you fancy and whip. I found the shea butter had a really strong smell so I would probably add more essential oil next time.

I managed to find plastic free shea butter through Ebay and I got my coconut oil in a glass jar so this is as close to plastic free as I could make it.

It’s nice hand cream. My hands feel moisturised and it’s helped get rid of a severe dry patch on my left hand. However, it is greasy and takes a little while to sink in. I tend to use it right before bed and when I don’t need to use my hands right away!

I’m planning on sticking with it and I will be making batches for Christmas. I hope my family like it as much as I do!


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