Review: Letterbox Cakes by bakerdays.

The future is bright...the future is cakes through your letterbox. No, really! I'm amazed by the huge array of happy post that you can get shoved through your letterbox these days and cakes from bakerdays are no exception. Bakerdays offer a huge range of personalised cakes, cupcakes and balloons. I delighted to be offered the … Continue reading Review: Letterbox Cakes by bakerdays.


Review: The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company.

It's not every day that I am gifted a chocolate pizza but when that day did eventually arrive it made me very happy. It made me especially happy because this isn't just any old luxury chocolate... it's a chocolate pizza! Thus it combines two of my favourite things in life - chocolate and pizza. So … Continue reading Review: The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company.